Many plumbing components are made of PVC or ABS plastic. The components are usually glued together, meaning that if you get a crack in one part, you normally would have to replace an entire assembly, including many parts, and extra labor. With Plastaweld, you can simply repair the crack with confidence.

As a testament to the performance of the Plastaweld, the engine lift test on the home page was done by Plastawelding 2 PVC bushings together.

Untill now, if a glue joint failed, you had to replace the entire part. Now you can just run a bead of Plastaweld around the leaky joint.

Tip: While Plastaweld will fully cure under water it is recommended that repairs not be made on plumbing while it is leaking. The water will create an escape path while the Plastaweld is still soft and the weld will leak. For best results, the failure should be completely dry before Plastawelding.

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